Sardinero has two beaches that bear its name: La Primera Playa del Sardinero (the first Sardine beach) and La Segunda Playa del Sardinero (the second Sardine beach).

The first is a stretch of sand between the Piquio Gardens and the El Camello hills.   



According to historical legend, in the past, one of the beaches was used by the middle and lower classes, and the other was frequented by the upper classes of Santander; thus, the beaches embodied the city’s social stratification. Today both beaches are very family-oriented and popular during the summer, since they are the longest shorelines in the city. 

The second is a sandy beach located just north of the Piquío Gardens. 

The small beach is located in the vicinity of the city of Santander, near Cabo Menor, which can be accessed through a beautiful path that crosses the island. 

Playa de la Concha (Seashell Beach) is a small stretch of coastline in Santander, located between two other beaches: the first Playa de El Sardinero and Playa de El Camello (Camel Beach). Except when the tide is very high, it is almost always connected to the Sardinero beach. With low tide, you can also walk from La Concha to la Playa de El Camello, although a rocky zone separates the two.

La playa de Mataleñas está situada próxima a Cabo Menor, se accede a ella a través de la avenida que da acceso al faro de Cabo Mayor. Ocupa una cala al abrigo de altos acantilados que obligan a acceder a pie por una empinada escalinata con más de 150 peldaños. Merece la pena el esfuerzo porque  es una de las playas más paradisiacas de Santander con un color de agua que muchos días se torna turquesa.

It is a small beach situated between Playa de la Concha and the Magdalena peninsula, just under the promenade that surrounds it, so you have to go down stairs and ramps to access it. It owes its name to a rocky formation shaped like a camel.


This beach is a long sandbar that closes the southern entrance to the Santander Bay. It is located in the southern part of the bay, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city. The beach consists of a 4.5 kilometer stretch of sand with dunes in the center.  

This beach can be accessed by the Promontory of San Martin, in the heart of the city, dominated by the imposing figure of the Palace of Festivals of Cantabria. Located next to the Maritime Museum of the Bay of Biscay, it is connected to the beaches of La Magdalena and Los Bikinis.



La Playa de la Magdalena (Magdalene Beach) is located in the urban center of Santander, in the southern part of the Magdalena peninsula, between the beaches of Los Bikinis and Los Peligros. The sandy shoreline is 900 meters long and 30 meters wide. Across from it are the two characteristic islands La Torre and La Horadada. Their main feature is their attachment to a south-facing beach.


Los Bikinis Beach is located in Santander Bay, surrounding the southeast of the Magdalena Peninsula. To the west it borders La Magdalena Beach (which, in turn, borders Los Peligros Beach,) and to the east it borders a group of rocks and the Royal Wharf.

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